Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Paris Thin"

I stumbled across this article this morning, and it brought together so many mixed emotions for me. 

    This article does not share much in the way of "breaking news". We've known well and good that fashion houses, photographers, and editors are demanding impossible thin-ness from the European and American models. An ounce of weight is too much, and girls wear their symptoms as a badge of honor. 
    I found this quote to be particularly frightening: 
    "By the end of the trip, she didn't have the energy to even sit up; she could barely open her eyes. We actually had her lie down next to a fountain to get the last shot."

Thin model
A gorgeous, way-too-thin, model
    I hate body-shaming. There are naturally thin women who are being berated and labeled "anorexic" due to their naturally willowy frames. I have petite friends who are a size 2 and a much taller friend who dons a size 6. Neither one is crippled with an eating disorder, and both are lovely. They eat, they exercise, they have thin parents and grandparents. Good genes happen. But they don't usually happen in the form of a 6 foot size zero. 

So, we now know. The culprits have been exposed. Where do we go from here? Thoughts? Comments?

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