Sunday, July 7, 2013

Full Disclosure

I have gained a lot of weight recently. I moved to a new city, started my first year of teaching, and ate crap and junk. I went from being conscious of making healthier choices to saying "Screw It" and eating whatever I wanted.

I am a FIRM believer that people should enjoy life and enjoy food. If I want a burger, I am having a burger. However, making healthy choices is about enjoying food in a way that includes variety and reasonable portions. Not gorging on chips and fries and ice cream all the time. Which I've totally been doing.

This is a detriment to my health. And, I'll be honest here, a detriment to my wardrobe (which I currently am far more swayed by). My clothes are fitting tighter, or too tight. And my go-to sizes at stores are now uncomfortably snug. I am 6'3" and currrently a size 26. If I allow myself to get to a 28 or 30, I am SEVERELY limited my fashion choices.

So... screw that. Time to get my butt in gear.

I promise that this blog will never be a whiny fat-fit blog. I will never blog about drinking nothing but SlimFast or bemoan my carrot stick lunch. I am, however, a promoter of health and body acceptance. We should never be ashamed of our bodies, but I also am firmly against the bloggers out there who blindly turn away from medical research and claim that being obese has no ill-effects on the body. It does. Stop fooling yourself. However, do we all need to be below a size 10 to be healthy, fit, and happy? NO. Go for walks and jogs, dance, and eat some leafy greens. It does a body good.

I will keep you up-to-date about my progress as I start this summertime journey. Rarely. I promise. More fashion that fitness.

Current Measurements:
Bust: 52.5
Small Waist: 50.5
Belly Button Belly:  58
Hips: 59
Thighs: 34

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