Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Welcome to the Walloping Warbler

Hi. I'm Elle. I'm starting a blog!

I named this blog "The Walloping Warbler" as a triple entendre. The word "walloping" means to do something in a large and forceful way. Well, that pretty much sums up my entire existence in one neat little word. I am a plus-sized girl, I am super tall at 6'3", and I plan to use this blog to push buttons and boundaries. The "warbler" represents the singer part of my self. I trained in college to be an opera singer, before switching gears to be a teacher instead.

Come, join me. It will be fun, and we may annoy a few people along the way!

The origin story of this blog is quite simple.

1. I was kind of bored, and it seemed like a great idea.
2. There are many plus size fashion bloggers out there... but not many who seek to be innovative and comprehensive. There's more to a great blog than "What I Wore" posts! I want to help people discover new ways to look at fashion, new places to shop, and a whole other bag of tricks that I have up my sleeve.
3. I love the feeling of opening up your favorite blog and seeing that there are three new posts waiting for you to devour. It's a great feeling, and I would love to help someone else feel that way.

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