Monday, July 22, 2013

Give Me a Brainy Brit in a Deerstalker Any Day... (Or, My Obsession for Sherlock).

So, I'm... uh... kind of a Sherlock fan.
A little bit.
Sort of.

I'm not typically a "fangirl". I have serious love for some nerdly things (Harry Potter, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but my love for those tends to stop just sort of obsession. Ok, so I ran a Harry Potter online RPG for a couple of... years.... SO WHAT? It's a magical story about friendship and good over evil! Hero's Journey! Mythical connections! Oh, shut up.

There's something about the BBC Sherlock series that truly gets my nerdly giblets all in a twist. It's smart, it's sarcastic, and it has the bitingly quick sense of witty timing that I haven't seen in a great show since Buffy ended.

Here are some of my favorite examples of Sherlock fan art. I am not a "Shipper" (one who fantasizes about unexplored relationships within a show,film, etc), so I am steering away from those.
"Sherlock" - AmandaTolleson

"Sherlock" - dotdodoe

"Sherlock and John" - hoo0

"Sherlock" - WuLiao-Yuzi

"Sherlock" - laalaachii

Also... I am kind of obsessed with Irene Adler, the sophisticated criminal known simply as "The Woman". Uh, love her.

"Irene Adler" - favoritedarkness

"Irene Adler" - FowlHunter

"Irene Adler" - alicexz

What's your favorite nerdly goodness?


  1. I haven´t seen this series ´cause it´s not on TV here in Argentina, but I´ve heard so much about it online that I´m tempted to check it out. After all, I love Sherlock since I started reading the books when I was 7 and I love the actor playing him now.
    And btw, Buffy was the best!

  2. Agreed! Buffy was incredibly influential to me as a teen!
    It's a great series, and totally worth buying the DVD's. Seasons 1 and 2 are out.